Back Arrow #17 — Dreadnought Infestation

April 30th, 2021


How many of these things are just laying around exactly?


If you called that ten minutes into the episode, the entire rebellion would have been defeated and the leaders of Rekka would be doing a gag laughing into the commercial break like it was the end of an episode of Scooby Doo, you have a better read on the show's writing than I do. I guess this was just supposed to be the reset for the Emperor's power and bindwarper stockpile? But if they're dragging multiple giant dreadnought's out of every available crevasse, I don't know why they couldn't just pull a few of those out of their ass too. And yes, I'm going to gloss over that the Emperor summoned a giant bow which he used to shoot himself into the air so he could divebomb a fat dude in a chair.

But anyway, we then spend the second half fighting a completely different dreadnought and completely differen army from the other kingdom using overwhelming firepower. How long ago it feels that the girl with a bouncy mech felt like it might mean silly, goofy powered fights. Oh, and did I mention that the weird wall-cult lady is made of sand? She leaves, then comes back, and they enter the wall to find… another wallier wall. What a twist! Who could have known that the wall would have a wall in it! …Not even sure if this is sarcasm or if I've just given up trying to understand anything this show does anymore.


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