Back Arrow #15 — In Vino Veritas

April 16th, 2021


There's no wrong way to drink wine, except through the shoulders.

If you're wondering how today's Dynazenon went, aside from the animation taking another huge plunge, everybody refused to fight because Gauma was hiding why he was not just letting the enemy destroy the world. The reason that had to be dragged out of him amidst much shouting about trusting in your friends? He's looking for the woman who gave him mech powers. Why was he hiding it? Well, 'cause dudes don't talk about their feelings. An entire episode trying to make that not seem imbecilic. I am so out. 


Meanwhile, over here, we have a shapeshifting murder clown formenting a rebellion at the behest of Jabba the Hutt, who can transform into a Grecian bodybuilder with wine bottles jabbed into him at random by his naked teenage brainwashed servants. The funniest part is how silly the murder clown's execution was. He attacks Arrow so he can steal his form, whereupon he flies to the mob and stomps them, flies away and transforms into a random dude who immediately drives up with a literal truckload of weapons that he starts handing out. This rebellion lasts maybe three minutes before the clown reveals that he can transform into other mechs and framed Arrow for… uh, five minutes? So the Princess goes "Well, whatever. Execute me."

Which is to say that the episode was actually focused on killing off that one random doctor dude who was secretly a duke, who saved the village refugees by literally carrying away the building they were in. That's how buildings work now. Just pick them up by a wall and all is good. Also, I assume that's what turning into sparklies means. I mean, it's how Arrow killed a bunch of dudes a moment before. Getting stabbed turns you into sparklies. Yep. Checks out. I legitimately still am not sure why we're screwing around in this stupid kingdom. It's not like they're a bunch of mostly noble people with a few bad apples. The princess was half a murderous lunatic. Their head doctor was performing horrific human experiments and had no qualms about torturing innocents. Most of the rest were happy to let it happen. What does any of this have to do with getting past the wall? If you want to recruit someone, grab the princess and let's go already. But she doesn't even want to fight when getting obviously framed by crazy wine clowns.


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