Back Arrow #13 — *Aggressively Claps*

April 2nd, 2021


This is how we're having people job to that guy?


I almost want to spend two paragraphs just trying to dissect the new OP. Well, not the whole OP, just the 5 second segment where a clown jumps on screen and is replaced by a as-yet-to-be-introduced (I think?) flamboyant Greek circus ringmaster engaging in a kung fu fight with the Emperor. I have… just… so many questions about that. Which is also funny because apparently the way that the Emperor gets to be super duper strong/special is introduced in this episode. He… wears multiple magic bracelets. It begs for a meme going "Gee, Arrow, your mom lets you wear eight bracelets?" Which he puts on by having soldiers shoot them into the air out of t-shirt cannons. This show would really be better served if it would lean way more into being over the top ridiculous, or serious. Taking things halfway on both does it no favors.

Anyway, not a particularly interesting episode to talk about to be honest, despite being action focused. It just spun its wheels through the first half and the second half was mostly consumed with talking about the powers of the two silliest characters in the show. The Emperor especially continues to be super stupid. His main special power, aside from being excessively theatrical, is standing there and destruction rains around him. He also has unlimited telekinesis, and then aggressively claps. It sounds like I'm being dismissively sarcastic, but no, he literally claps a couple times before doing little hand pushes at air and cackling madly. Let's stick to the energy balls, please.  

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