Nightmare on Egg Street #12 — The Dream Warrior vs Mr Head

March 30th, 2021


What a script.

I know I said season preview on Wednesday, but it's probably going to be Thursday, or Wednsday evening at best. Blame laziness and Wonder Egg being a butt in terms of popping up on the internet in a timely fashion. The only thing scheduled to air on April 1st is Shaman King's reboot anyway, and ew.


Nothing really says satisfying finale like a message at the end of the episode to come back in three months if you want to see the actual ending. But by the time we've reached that point, it was already clear that we were not going to be getting any kind of ending whatsoever. Not one for any of the characters' arcs, not one for defeating the antagonist or even confronting them, not one for any kind of resolution to the story, not one with an explanation for anything whatsoever. Ai gets a hasty fight against a particularly goofy giant floating head of the adult man she has an inappropriate crush on, has some kind of hash out with a parallel version of herself who did kill herself… maybe? So all of this stuff with the girls didn't actually happen? Or happened in parallel universes? Then a plant girl shows up to pull out the eye of Parallel Suicide Ai right before she poofs, meaning, uh… what exactly? I don't feel that you can even say Ai's character arc is wrapped up for that matter. She clearly still has feelings towards her mother and that dude to work through, and nothing about Koito or anything there was taken care of either. So glad that we spent multiple episodes explaining all the weird-ass stuff about AI Frederica Krueger and her terrible horrible no good fathers only to push it off to 3 months, if ever. Also, all those other characters, and, of course, the magical death albino, when we're not even going to try to wrap anything at all up. Why was Neiru especially even a character in the show at all?

What an absolute mess this ended up being. I know people are going to blame production problems and that recap episode in the middle, but if this was the endgame that they had from the start, then it was always destined to become a flaming trainwreck and adding another few weeks to the production schedule wasn't going to cure that. I guess at least we've temporarily dodged the ending where they make friends with one or more of the psychopaths and teach them to love, or defeat teen depression and suicide, or try to make the claim that all these dead girls would have probably been fine if not for a serial killer AI ghost driving them to kill themselves. You avoided having a terrible ending by having no ending. Come back in three months when we'll have run things by our producers and figured out if we're getting a season 2, a movie, or just twenty more minutes to give this episode a second try. Fan-goddamned-tastic. 

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One Lonely Comment

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    I think the show wants to be evasive over which Ai died. The Ai we’ve been following (let’s call her Bad Ai) and the parallel Ai we meet this episode (let’s call her Worse Ai) have different hair clips. Bad Ai has a triangle clip, and Worse Ai has an X clip. The Ai who gets knocked down is Bad Ai, and Worse Ai checks on her, then suddenly Bad Ai is waking up in the night screaming, and Worse Ai is missing an eye.

    It seems like they don’t want to commit to any thing definitive.