MARS RED #01 — Vampire Recitations

March 29th, 2021


Stop making vampires boring.

And another early webcast. Broadcast also starts on April 5th. If I procrastinate enough, maybe everything will have an early webcast before I get to the season preview.


And then we have this show, which is just really, really boring and almost makes me wish for something particularly objectionable to rant about. Vampires exist. Some actress a pretty boy twink vampire liked got turned into one and went a little crazy, but not crazy enough to kill anybody. After performing her little scene and meeting the main dude, she lets herself die. I'm not sure that her or the dude's face changed at any point in the episode. This is not a particularly animated or emotive show. Well, maybe the music, a little, but not much else. Definitely not like Twilight Maiden or Sankarea when it comes to evoking a sense of the supernatural. Just a couple stone-faced dudes, a kid dressed like a pirate, and a woman reciting theater in a setting that is not a stage.

I guess the major failing here (aside from the poor production and lacking direction) is that the woman's story isn't interesting enough to sell this as an episode of the week character study kind of affair, and they don't put any real effort into selling the master plot of "vampires exist and this dude studies them" either. Dude's just plain boring. Detatched, unemotional, uninvested, drifting from one scene to the next, always with the exact same expression on his boring, dumb face. It's not just that nothing really happens, it's that this is a boring, tedious, seemingly unmotivated and disinterested person who we're supposed to follow and be using as our surrogate to interacting with this world. So yeah, I'm pretty disinterested and uninvested too. Mission successful?

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  • residentgrigo says:

    Cheap, bland and borin? Skip. Next show.

  • Nie says:

    What a cromulent review.