Godzilla – Singularity Point #01 — May Or May Not Include Any Godzillas

March 27th, 2021


Shouldn't there be a few more giant monsters?

This technically begins broadcasting on April 1st, but Netflix is airing each episode a week early, so it began last Thursday and I'm only getting to it now because I'm inattentive. It's the second new show of the Spring season to start airing. The first being Fruits Basket, which I'm ignoring because Fruits Basket.


This show is… difficult to try to process. Not in terms of lots of things happening. Hell no. One would think that a show about Godzilla would involve, well, Godzilla in some way, but this has very different ideas. It's pretty close to a string of consciousness rambling from ghost hunters; around 90% technobabble, 5% discussion of lunch, and 5% exposition of relevant understandable facts. The first couple minutes are the worst, just random nonsense over abstract drawings, about three people all talking at once. Then it switches to two dudes, but it's still a cacophony of nonsense. Note also, not relevant facts, or even facts about monsters. Granted, one ugly-ass CGI monster shows up… at literally the very end of the episode, and nearly kills itself trying to land on a rickety stand that doesn't support its own weight.

This clearly fancies itself as kind of an X-Files, but more focus is spent on drawing an overly detailed parfait than there is on anything supernatural, let alone any kind of Gozilla monsters or even unnatural occurances. Heck, the most supernatural thing to happen some 21 minutes into the episode is that there's some cutesy AI virus invading everybody's computers that everybody decides to just take in stride. Well, and there's also a moderately large robot? I hesitate to say giant, because it looks like it's only about 12 feet tall. Like, okay, it's entirely setup, so… what are you making me want to stick around for? Action? Thriller? Disaster movie? Or another 20 straight minutes of incomprehensible babble?

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