Back Arrow #12 — Stand By Your Man

March 26th, 2021


A real paragon of independence, Ren is.


It's a bit weird that being impaled to the side of a wall by a spear the size of a wagon is something we just walk off, but being stabbed in the hand is some kind of horrible, crippling, lasting injury that will pop up again at any random time, completely incapacitating you. There's also something weird and unsettling about the way Ren spends the entire episode subjugating herself to everybody around her in hopes of winning their favor. If I had any faith in the writers of this show, I might assume that this would be her arc about learning to be at least slightly independent, but I don't. She's found her destiny in being nothing more than a tool for some dude, who only has eyes for other dudes.

Anyway, anything to keep from talking about the actual episode, which indulged in most of the weakest parts of the show yet again. The Emperor and pals humiliate, and attempt to kill Ren for her disgrace, and she uses that as yet another excuse for how Arrow's really the evil one for making them abuse her like that. So she goes running right back to them, is given a new wingier mech, which, shock of shocks, becomes the wings for Kai to remove his weakness… next week. Maybe. Assuming Arrow's crippling hand ouchie that sends him into paroxysms of screaming violent pain at the end of the episode doesn't send us off in some other direction. Why are we even defending this country of lunatic murderers anyway?

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