Back Arrow #10 — Jabba the Explodey

March 12th, 2021


Uh, right.


The thing that gets me about the Jekyll and Hyde routine is that there are some people who can obviously see when the Princess transforms, but most people have no idea what's going on despite looking, acting, and sounding like a completely different person. Like it would be a twist in another show for these two people to be revealed as the same person, but here, everybody is confused about it. Anyway, I'm rambling about old stuff because this arc continues to drag. Elsha is dragged to the arena at the start of the episode and then her fight there doesn't actually start for another ten minutes. What is that time spent doing? The boys get dragged by a literal clown to the shadowy Hutt illuminati of the kingdom, a comically fat dude who has special pseudo-mech powers and can go boom at will. He rambles at them about how he's… the shadowy Hutt illuminati and can go boom, at which point they all just piss off over to the arena. Good visit, guys. Very useful.

Eventually, we get more Air Bud type rule lawyering to win. It's a one-on-one, but the rules didn't say you couldn't use other giant mechs as a weapon! So Arrow turns into a sword, which I guess is a thing he can do now? Well, at least the fight was more animated than the show's been lately. Must be an end-of-season thing, although I'm not sure where all the frame-in-frame reaction image stuff has come from. Anyway, Hyde puts on a mech bracelet, which kills her because inner persona or something, bringing this dumb, overlon arc to an end. It might've made a little more sense had the show been doing a Persona thing all along instead of "my inner self is, uh, resilient, so I can bounce!" This was all according to Jabba's plan, by the way. Also, didn't the Ro3K people declare war last week? After their armies fought on the border the episode before? I guess that's not really a concern at the moment!

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