Awe Spawn Preference #10 — Short Attention Span

March 16th, 2021


Focus, you idiots.


It doesn't reflect well on our main characters when they're confronting the evil brains in mannequins, and are distracted by getting to the truth by A.) a perm, B.) text messages, C.) gossiping about a boy. And the evil brains call it out at that, so whoever's making the show is aware of what they're doing. They were pretty awful at the end of the episode when they're told they're not seeing Momo again… by the evil brains… and just shrug. We do finally get the evil magical girl version of them that I expected was coming some four weeks or so ago, which is apparently THE AGENT OF DEATH. The eyes, they roll.

Making things worse was that the little chat was that Momo was hit on by a gay guy who immediately dumped her when he found out she was a girl. We were never hugely subtle, but at this point, we're just twisting the knife to an almost comical degree. It's also a little weird that the character who every egg-girl immediately falls in love with is complaining that she can't find anybody to love her. Also not helping things either was that the egg-girl of the week was a transgender boy who was raped by a teacher in a fairly graphic scene followed by Momo declaring that she was a girl by ripping her clothes off to expose her chest, which hard shifted into traumatizing her by Pyramid Head Butterfly Head forcefeeding her pet crocodile to her. So, is she struggling with her sexuality, rejecting everyone who is attracted to her because she needs a hairy chest, or I guess are we just dropping that to do thanataphobia? 

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