Wonder Egg Priority #05 — The Bowling Alley Arcade Laundromat of Hell

February 9th, 2021


Isn't this the point in the story to introduce an antagonist version of our magic girls?


Oh boy, a standing in a circle, chatting episode. This episode didn't have the tone-deafness of the idol one, but it just kind of meandered all over, and mostly in really boring ways. The majority of the episode was spent sitting around in a circle, talking, and even that wasn't done well. The bowling alley scene was especially bizarre. Sometimes, Purgatory-Garden is instead a bowling alley/arcade/laundry, apparently. It's like they couldn't think of a way to fit in a different background and just tossed it in anyway. The only trips to Hellworld were two essentially cutaways, solo done by Got-Stabbed. One for a runaway, taken in and presumably raped, the other was a bit less clear. A girl haunted by hair monsters who was sad that nobody would call her pretty anymore, I guess? I think we were supposed to take that as self-mutilation from societal pressure on one's image, but it could also have been "had hair cut by bullies." It's hard to tell when the only explanation is muppets screaming lines from Snow White.

Anyway, the 'content' of the conversations weren't that interesting either. The first was explicitly calling out and repeating the implication that the school counselor (apparently Momoe's uncle) was in a relationship with the bullied girl, and the second, an out-of-nowhere particularly strange infodump about the still-hasn't-really-had-an-episode-about-her Indian CEO girl whose sister apparently gruesomely stabbed her before killing herself. But… that's the whole bit. Also, you'd think that would have been in the news. Local billionaire 14 year old corporate tycoon attacked by suicidal family member. Not news? Okay, then. 

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  • fersama says:

    I’m pleasantly surprised to see that this blog is still going… been a reader since highschool lol bravo to you good sir

  • Fede says:

    The info dump was necessary, Neiru was not and is not going to be the only one of the main girls to not have anything behind her character, also it’s telling that all the girl’s internal conflicts are presented before the end of the first half, that way in the second half the show will focus on expanding and trying to conclude their arcs and conflicts. For now we’ll wait and see where they take us