Back Arrow #08 — Jekyll and Zzz

February 26th, 2021


Neat torture choir.


What a tedious episode. The entire thing is spent waiting for the shoe to drop with this flawless perfect kingdom. It takes goddamned 18 minutes, at which point we go from perfection to performing torture in front of a choir singing the national anthem, while the Jekyll and Hyde Princess turns into a literal lizard person, cackling about genocide. I'm not joking about the lizard person thing either, or using it as a stand-in for anti-semitism. The way that they show her changing from 'good' princess to 'bad' princess is to have her skin turn yellow, her eyes turn into reptillian slits, and her mouth go all giant-frog.

But aside from those last three minutes, the episode was a whole lot of absolutely nothing. They take a bath. Here's some shots of scenery. Here's some more shots of the scenery. Here's dinner. Here's Bit being an absolute goddamn moron tosser like he always is. Not even good baths. If you're going to be fanservicey, then goddamned go all out with it. I think the bath scene may have actually been more conservative than the boob vests the characters walk around in by default.


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  • Johnovich says:

    Such a wonderful piece of impresions for the best series of all time I have seen

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