Back Arrow #07 — Technicalities

February 19th, 2021


Why does it feel like we're playing by the same fidelity to rules as Air Bud?


I know I say this a lot, but what a weird episode. Apparently they're already at the wall, and nobody knows absolutely anything about the wall whatsoever. It's not like there's some barrier or a ravine keeping people away. You can just walk right up to it, but their entire civilization never felt any curiosity to go anywhere near it. And when they attack it, it spawns hoses and sprays them down with fire extinguishers. This feels like something somebody would have encountered and would know about. Hell, it should be part of the mythos and why you don't go near it. Stay away from the wall or get hosed down by the evil hose hydras!

Meanwhile, the fantasy kingdom apparently DOESN'T experiment on random kids, and that was just some random bad apple. Their princess is a love freak. Their head general demands unending elegance. Meanwhile, meanwhile, the Ro3K empire found a leftover bomb, therefore they know that they've found all the bombs. Uh, not sure I agree with the logic, but okay. This odd couple of countries rules lawyers over how one didn't TECHNICALLY bring a war machine into enemy territory and attack them because they're flying, so they didn't set foot on their land, to which Knock-Off Zhang Fei can only curse their cowardly expertise of treaty rules. So now that we've reached the wall, it's time to turn around and leave. Uh, right. Good journey, everybody! See you in Love Kingdom, Population Elegance. Can't wait to meet the Six Great Divas!

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