Back Arrow #06 — Patronizing Twinks

February 12th, 2021


It's incredible how efficiently they've sidelined all the women.


This episode may as well have been called "Patronizing Twinks." Well, that or "Feel free to skip the first eight minutes of the episode." Boobs McGee collapses, and then I guess is just fine for the rest of the episode because that's basically the last we see of her. The situation in the empire is… a review that the obviously evil guy is obviously evil. The joke imbecile character who leaps at every transparent attempt at flattery is given a meaningless job and literally shrieks in celebration over it, because like every character in this show, he is a stark, raving imbecile.

But on to the 'meat' of the episode. They stumble across a commune of twinks. Literally. It's called "The Bishie Farm," made up of escapees from human experimentation who killed their overseers, blew up the lab, and then found a random farm to live on. Whoever owned the lab decided "Eh, whatever," and outsourced dealing with them to one of the zillion corrupt, cackling lunatics that seem to infest the entire world. So Arrow and pals kick down the dude's door, again, literally, and come up with an elaborate plan to pretend to betray the bishies in order to give them confidence. The entire time, the bishies are screaming about how evil adults are. But yeah, sure, hand them some guns, tell them that they have power now to make adults do what they want, and go futz off on your way. This is in no way either tremendously patronizing or a horrifying use of child soldiers. You could've taken the exploited, helpless idiot kids with you, or helped return them to their families. Instead, you handed the power of a small army to angry children and patted yourselves on the back for a job well done. You want a pack of sparkling bishie bandits roaming the wasteland? This is how you create one.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Ark noir says:

    Still waiting for the wall reveal but that bit of shithousery at the end of the episode between Shu and arrow made me go ‘ok anime, go on’as finally something happened.

    Grandpa leader made me laugh as no one pays attention to him when he’s gassing and when he gave up his role. Zero f’s given anymore.

    Screw the pretty Boys storyline , it was an experiment for nonces.

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