Wonder Egg Priority #01 — Sad Girls Going Insane

January 12th, 2021


Uhhhhhhh, okay.


I'm… really not sure what to make of this, or even how to start to describe it. On the surface, it claims that it's about a girl who gets transported to a nightmare world by a magic egg she got from a firefly she dreamed about where she meets a girl who's being hunted by murderous gremlins and ax murderers. This would seem to be her reliving the memory of a friend who killed herself after being bullied and the guilt of ignoring it happening. So she turns her pen into a giant spear and crushes the ax murdering bully simulcra, causing her new friend to explode. Therefore, she concludes that if she keeps using the eggs to go to the dream world to save people, that will bring her dead friend back to life, except that the injuries she suffered in the dream world also actually happen in the real world. Also, other people are egg-ing it up.

Well, it's certainly different from what I expected, in mostly good ways. A protagonist who's driven and doesn't spend the entire thing beating you over the head with internal narration or her backstory. Desperation and guilt are a nice one-two punch of motivation and delivered pretty well here. It's nice to have a lighter touch on the story side and not have the entire gamefied premise spat out, although I'm sure that's coming. It was a bit awkward how she jumped out of nowhere to this being a wish-granting scenario, which is always a monkey paw thing, because anime. I'm not sure if it'll work out to be Flip-Flappers, but more dramatic, or what here yet, but it's definitely one of the few things I think work at least a second and third look so far this season.


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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • DP says:

    Yep, it looked pretty decent. At first I was thinking it was like a younger Otherworld Panic, but then the unifying theme of bullying became apparent. And the supernatural/dream element is reasonably interesting on a narrative as well as visual level, and her “taking damage” adds some extra consequences as well as the question of how people will react to that. Will parents think she is self harming, adding extra pressure on her?

    Is this the first new show in a while you’ve generally had mostly positive things to say about?

  • Anthony Baranyi says:

    Ah, Contemporary Lit – Unhappy protagonist makes poor decisions… the Critics go orgasmic…