Wave!! Let’s Go Surfing! #01 — Pocket Dimension Ukulele

January 12th, 2021


Where does that thing keep coming from?

I did check in with Actidol's second episode very briefly to see if it was going to play up the apocalypse or even drama side of things. It did not. Maybe even worse, the ED is a hyper sexualized cheesecake shot of the main character, who still looks like she's about eight years old. You know me. I'm pretty ambivalent to fanservice. That's… pushing it though, shall we say? That's also probably the part of the show most accurate to the idol industry's horrid horribleness though.


The weirdest part of this isn't the dude who jogs with a corgi on a beach. Nor the dude who brings a ukulele everywhere, except when he doesn't, but then it comes back. That's right. It's a magic ukulele that he keeps in his skintight swimsuit. It's that a dude who literally lives on a beach has apparently never seen people surfing before. Or maybe it's just the one guy that he falls in love with on first sight. That's the weird central conceit of the show. He sees the new dude surfing and despite having friends who surf, and seeing surfing every day, suddenly falls in love with surfing. It's like they wanted to mix things up from "new dude in town discovers new sport" so they made the new student the ace sport person instead.

Aaaaand that's about all that this does that's even vaguely noteworthy. The surfing is CGI and there's only a few seconds of it after the opening 'hook,' if you can even call it that. It doesn't even try to sell its gimmick that the dude can't swim. A couple people say he can't, but then he wanders right out into the ocean without issue and catches the first wave. The most unrealistic thing is that the dude wasn't mobbed for having a corgi in a public place. I own corgis. I've taken them to a beach. Granted, a Pacific Ocean beach, so less surfing, more frigid sneaker waves that will murder you. But goddamned everybody loves corgis and you will be mobbed. Actually, now that I think about it, why were all the beaches in this show totally deserted? Oh, right. It takes effort to draw more than 2-3 people in a scene.

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