Project Scard #02 — Continued Monologuing

January 15th, 2021


Stay a while, and listen.


Don't let my decision to put up caps of this mislead you. I'd place this show at a pretty distant fourth behind the other three things so far today. It's just that it airs much, much later than the rest, and so I thought I'd pair it with that Hidden Dungeon thing, which airs even later and was still playing coy with appearing online right until I started writing this. Luckily, I think I can get away with just noting that they took a time out fighting a giant rabbit so he could tongue-blast her ear to orgasm for extra stat points to beat it. Yeeeeah. I think we can safely throw in the towel on that one.

Anyway, this episode was just more of the extremely tedious same. Hell, the entire first half is little more than listening to one dude monologue exposition. About magic bullets. About magic tattoos. About state police. About magic state tattoo police. It takes ten minutes just to leave the damn room, at which point the dude gets shanghaied by some other dude to also be monologued at, but angrily. I'm not sure Angst Boy even had five spoken lines. Oh, there were a few asides where he internally narrated things like "So this is the magic of the magic tattoo." But… yeah. Taboo Tattoo this ain't, and nobody even remembers that exists.

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