Otherside Picnic #04 — Unrelated Monologues About Fear

January 25th, 2021


Enough with the edutainment already.


I'm leaning pretty heavily towards just running with Back Arrow and Wonder Egg for this season right now, with perhaps some random post on the weekends, although usually when I consider doing that, it's an excuse to do nothing. I did originally intend to cover at least one more episode of Horimiya and Monster Incidents, but I struggled to make it through the third episode of either of them, let alone do actual capping, sorting and posting. This episode was pretty similar in that regard. It brings up some random monster of the week that you'd think the episode would be about, but then, aside from a random thirty second aside in the middle, never comes up again. I feel mostly bad for the sound guy, who's continuing to kill it, while the director and writer are probably huffing industrial glue.

Instead, the epsiode is another bizarre hodgepodge of nonsense. Two of the characters have long monologues about the nature of fear, both out of literally nowhere, but that's the only connecting element of the entire thing. Blondie apparently disappears, so Sorao goes to that other girl for help, except that they're attacked by monsters and dragged to the otherworld, where they stumble into a village of plantified people, that also happens to be where Blondie was apparently staring at another version of the monster from last week, blathering about the nature of fear. So, once again, they shoot it, and then end up in… uh… the otherotherworld, which they can, uh, just leave whenever by reaching out and grabbing space? And then, in case you thought this was supposed to be a horror or thriller kind of show, ends with a joke about how they completely abandoned and forgot about the other girl.


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