Otherside Picnic #03 — Murdering the Locals

January 18th, 2021


You twits realize you're invading their home and immediately opening fire, right?


Last Dungeon began with sooooo much screaming and went from there into another one of its really weird totally serious expositional dumps that made absolutely no sense. So little sense that I can't help but wonder if it was originally meant to be a joke that the people adapting it just plain didn't realize. "I've been searching for [person not in hiding, dressed like a parade float, living down the street] for years." It would end super duper serious too, with the reveal that witch lady is the princess, and the mysterious thing behind the king's turn was the king being straight up possessed and they were just… uh… trying to figure out the exact nomenclature of the thing possessing him? But never did? And so just tried to fireball him in the face anyway? Why were we lurking in wait for this again? The 'shocking' reveal that it's the big bad doesn't help matters.

This show, on the other hand, irritates me a lot less by not screaming at me, but also bores me a whole lot more. The entire first half of the episode was just plain white noise. They bumbled around, wondering out loud about how things worked. Not actually testing any theories or the like, just doing train of thought improv. Eventually, they find a village, startle the spider people in it, and start murdering them. First, we're definitely missing any kind of structure or purpose here. At least have a mystery of the week, if not a monster. Don't just bumble around until jumpscared and then run away through the helpful completely random portal that apparently spawns only when you're in danger. Second, the direction and writing on these scenes continues to be godawful. In one shot, Not-Blondie is surrounded by spiderpeople. Then in the next frame, they're fifty feet away. Then back again. Then they have enough time to have a leisurely conversation in front of the convenient portal back just sitting there… the first one of its kind they've seen, ever. And it also purges spiderpeople too apparently? How convenient!

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