Otherside Picnic #01 — Explosive Eye Gunk

January 4th, 2021


The audio dude here deserves a raise.


This very much has the vibe of one of the many artsy walking simulators, right down to the manic pixie girlfriend that gloms onto the sullen loner main character and refuses to leave her alone. Which is especially dumb because literally the first thing said MC does is complain that nobody cares about her, so of course spends the entire rest of the episode complaining that somebody now cares about her. Sure, this is clearly meant to be Power of Friendship, but they sure ain't doing a convincing job with these ninnies. It's not the lack of a meet-cute, or romance to set the world on fire. It's that one of them is tiresome. You could use that to show that the other brings a spark to her life, or changes her in some way, but even at the end, we only get a resigned "Well, whatever." 

Anyway, the musical direction is what does most of the heavy lifting for the atmosphere, and it does a mostly decent enough job, although I think the atmospheric non-music is probably a lot more efficient than the weird techno-horror of the elevator sequence. It's a very slow episode though, which does it no favors. They encounter the white thingy at the start, spend about 15 minutes faffing around about whether or not to go back, the narrator of the story dragging her feet every step of the way without any interest, curiosity, or even honestly fear of monsters unless they're staring her in the face, and then, finally, at the end of it… run into the same thing again only to shoot wildly at it and then declare job well done. Not exactly a closed circle narrative here. 

It's not the worst thing, and it's competently enough produced, especially again on the audio side, although not burning any budgets here either, but it needs to be a lot more ambitious with its characters and the story than this episode was.


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  • redpanther says:

    This is yuri, so you should get out soon.

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