Kid From Last Dungeon #01 — Screaming About Power Levels

January 4th, 2021


The yandere chick is likely the sole passing grace of this show.


Well, on one hand, it certainly improved as the episode went on. On the other hand, it began with screaming. Nonstop screaming. So much screaming. If it wasn't screaming, it was info dumping. And usually then screaming about it. Because the only thing better than being told that a random seemingly basic sigil is actually super complicated is having a Japanese woman scream that at the top of her lungs, twice. But eventually, the screaming woman was kicked out of the show and it got down to mediocrely animated fanservice. A step up, yes, but not a large one.

You'll notice that comedy doesn't much figure into it. The only real joke(s) for the first twenty minutes of the show is that the protagonist and/or the protagonist's hometown babysitter are strong. This joke is delivered by having characters scream that he's strong. I have to specify at the twenty minute mark because the murderous obsessed girl does have some actual more slapstick humor working for her, but then we jump to a couple other characters again screaming that the main character's power level is super high, whereupon the episode unceremoniously ends. I'll remind you that the sum and total of the "super strong" things he did in the episode were: A.) Throwing a grasshopper, which only one character saw, and B.) Putting a rune on a rag to clean a bannister, which also only one character saw. All the screaming is just about his invisible power level. 

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  • The Phantom says:

    This shows goes literally nowhere, I was doing a quick look of the source and is incredibly slow paced, it is supposed to be funny but is not, and there is nothing going on with it other than the Mayor from his previous town teleporting to take care of him and the witch/princess/screamo annoying the heck out of me and his failure to enroll into the military and everyone is like HOW COULD HE HAVE FAIL.

    Fuck this show seriously-.

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