I’m a Spider, So What? #01 — Skill Names as Large Text

January 8th, 2021


That's enough video game teminology for one day.


It takes a whole five minutes before it has a named skill and is slapping up status screen text on screen. Not just that, there's an invisible announcer that tells her these things. Only a minute or two later, she's gaining the skills of monsters she eats, checking off another few important boxes for this kind of crap. Got to fill in the time somehow, I guess, because the animation sure ain't doing it. Or more accurately, the janky CGI. What on earth is up with the framerate here? The frog especially is… not rendered correctly. And then we hit the 16 minute mark of the episode and it smash cuts to a random ball full of random people. They're not discussing anti-spider expeditions, up to generic fantasy coups, their own stat sheets, or anything interesting at all. They're just teenagers hanging out at a ball. They have a magical pet that some of them are bitchy about? Did the wrong script get mixed into the pile? What even is this entire stupid scene?

It's so bloody by the numbers and generic in every way, from the announced and explained-at-exhaustive-length RPG skills to even eating monsters to gain their skills. SaGa was a bad game! Don't give it this attention. If there are any substantive differences between this and the slime reincarnation thing also airing this season, they don't manifest in this episode. The music is a little bit distinctive in that it's a lot more… whimisical I guess is the best way to describe it. Evocative of a kind of Disney show as you're being screamed a description of basic RPG and spider things.

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  • Fede says:

    You got the skill thing backwards.
    She didn’t got the Acid Resistance skill because the frog had it. She got it because the frog meat is acidic and she takes damage while eating it, this acidic damage gave her enough experience to level up the skill.

    Also the “invisible voice” is just the system messages. Everyone in the world can hear it and it just gaves messages. You can try to speak with it but it will never answer unless it’s a key command (like yes or no when buying a skill).

    the game elements are exacly what people like in this (and how likable the mc is), and that is your main point for saying this is terrible, so maybe, just maybe, you just dont apreciate it? Besides the random change monsters to humans, that i agree, was not that well directed and certainly didnt flow well with the scene prior, i dont see much to your arguments. Oh and the frame rate is certainly not that bad either, there was one janky part where the fp was bad and that was when the spider rolled in the beginning and thats literally it. So, you can dislike it, thats fine, but this is not bad.

  • DP says:

    Uh, the teenagers were other reincarnations from her class, including the pet, as clearly stated.

    I’m a Spider is actually kind of neat as the reason for the video game elements, stats, voice, etc., are, unlike “Slime,” a reasonably integral part of the story, and lead to some rather disturbing twists related to the world’s creators and what really happened to bring them here. The overall plot is entirely bonkers but is definitely weirder and more complex than most of its genre. I generally detest most light novels (mostly terribly written) but I’m a Spider’s plot was such that I actually bought the ongoing volumes just to find out what craziness was going to go down next despite the pedestrian writing common to the genre. The anime looks like it trims out a lot of the dross and so should get to the interesting stuff at a reasonable pace.

  • Marmot says:

    Too bad about the CGI. I have been looking forward to this one for a while since I like the concept of a female isekai MC and I think the spider thing could be interesting. I wonder how much money they save animating things with CG models vs traditional animation.

  • The Phantom says:

    It is a shameless copypasta of the Slime show except with a spider, and the initial 10 mins were an endless annoying monologue that almost drove me crazy, followed by a CGI frog fight, I will give it a try next week to see how it improves though.

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    I understand a show like Sword Art Online, where they literally go diving into game worlds, having video game elements, but I don’t understand the constant trend of explaining away that stuff as “Eh, I played videos games when I was alive,” as reason to constantly be bombarded by stat and level talk.

    Also, she looks like a Digimon.

    • DP says:

      That’s not the explanation. And this is not a standard fantasy world, as will be apparent when the robot tanks appear.

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