Hortensia Saga #02 — Goblin Slayer

January 13th, 2021




Consider this my followup and confirmation that this continues to be really, really boring. There's some goblins. Timmy went to the goblin hole. Eek! Goblins. Oh wait, the protagonist is already here. And now, flashbacks. Yes, I'm being more than a little flippant. I'm being extremely flippant. You could make a decent episode out of that sarcastic summary if you bothered to put some effort into the action scene, or made the maid a compelling character instead of a brainless damsel in distress, or the flashbacks weren't just a rehash of the already bland origin story we spent most of last week on.

We do none of those things though, and thus remain firmly Generic Low Effort Fantasy and almost certainly the last look I give this. This is where a little desperation sex might've spiced up the story and characters a little bit instead of being a nakedly transparent attempt to shock and inflame. The jury's still out on whether any of them have gone through puberty at all, and I'm including the 60 year old dude with a beard and children.


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  • Ark noir says:

    The hair, the earrings the face. Come on is the MC this dumb not to notice? I see ‘fe’ knock off hector with the axe tried hard to conceal her identity ffs.

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