Horimiya #02 — “And Then Everyone Clapped”

January 16th, 2021


I'm tired of this trope for the season.


I think this is where this show and I part ways, although nowhere near as acrimoniously as many of the other ones. I just feel like I'm already out of anything much to say about it, and without much ambition in the writing to really explore relationships, conflicts, or even just the light philosophizing that a show like "All You Need is a Sister" occasionally did, that's not going to change. 

I will say that the second segment was pretty awful on almost every level though. It not only combined introducing a character purely through exposition, but also had that same "and then everyone on the bus clapped" bullying scene I just suffered through yesterday. The shortness of the segment made it a pretty direct line between "exposition about girl," "bump into girl," "bullying due to girl's mistake revealed and everybody claps." It stands out all the worse between segments about forgetting his name and a particularly abbreviated and braindless one about birthdays.

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