Horimiya #01 — Sad Boys With Earrings

January 9th, 2021


I mean, there's many worse shows this season already.


An incredibly anodyne episode for the most part. That its humor is primarily one of them screaming is certainly a rough edge, as is going right from one meet-cute to both their lives revolving entirely around the other while trying to claim that both have always lead full secret lives is also a conceit that's a bit hard to swallow. I would consider these incredibly minimal complaints for the people who like this kind of show though. Again, it's incredibly inoffensive, which makes it a little boring to talk about. The only conflict in the entire episode came from literally out of nowhere in the last three minutes of the episode, was just one of them feeling insecure, and resolved immediately. The rest was just… well, fluff. There were various seemingly setups for things, like the whole tattoo bit, but they never went anywhere. It wasn't particularly corny. Nor particularly screamy. Not too boring. Just fluff without any major ups, downs, troughs or swells, build-ups or climaxes. 

There have been a few of these light dramas that clicked with me at least temporarily, but I feel like it's because they did a better job with the humor, or were able to be more insightful on the characters, or were more ambitious with them jumping into a relationship rather than beating around the bush with the will-they won't-they crap. And I know in the manga that they do eventually get into an actual relationship, but this episode was definitely playing up hard how platonic and friendy they were, particularly the ending segment about some other dude asking her out. This is where the thinnest whiff of a narrative to hold the episode together as a cohesive package would make a ton of difference. This episode though, was really just fluff. I doubt it'll put anybody off too much, but there's very little substance to its characters or dramatic elements either.


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    It struck me as a shounen variation on His and Hers Circumstances.

  • The Phantom says:

    I admit I watched this show expecting it to be really bad, like the worst of the season, and was doing my typical FF in the first minutes of the show, it improves a lot and skips on meaningless details, and even gets funny later on, I hate to say I kinda enjoyed it, was silly but kinda funny, definitely the crap superficial garbage I was expecting it to be.

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