Dr. Ramune #01 — Large Mouthed Screamer

January 9th, 2021


Why doesn't she just unhinge her jaw and swallow her enemies whole?


Sure, the mother was plainly physically abusive, but there's something to be said for the doctor and his assistant who meet with a child who thinks that she's sick, just to laugh at her and kick her out without even a cursory examination. It will also feel incredible, but the adaptation here is actually a bit more subtle than the source. When he unleashes the pent-up frustrations from inside the girl in the source, it's not beams of light whispering all the things, but the words themselves that go out and eat all their wealth. What subtlety.

Anyway, it's fairly obnoxious and lacks the procedural approach that I think is really needed to make these kinds of shows work. Rather than investigate, propose a hypothesis, twist that to uncover the real problem, find solution, it over fetishizes the silly malady and the explanation for it, particularly the latter, if the literal fireworks, screaming, and sadistic joy taken in the come-uppance of a jerk weren't clear enough. There's no real inner bits about the characters or anything else going on to fill things out either, which is also something that even shows like House knew to fit in in between it not being lupus. 

Next Episode:

Chikuwa dick.

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  • The Phantom says:

    This was REALLY bad Neuro was millions of time better than this.

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