Cells at Work #14 — Bruised Egos

January 7th, 2021


Oh boy, the platelet episode again.

Seems like the 'simulcast' of this and the Black version came up early. Both are still scheduled to be actually broadcast on the 9th. Not totally sure of the schedule after that, or if I'll keep up with either yet though.


Well, it's more of the same, quite literally, and that's the problem for me. The last season wore out its welcome by doing the same episode over and over and over, just with a couple different factoids about a malady and the character responding to it. In one part, it's because when everything is an apocalypse, nothing is, but the greater part of it is that even outside of that, it's all the same, and I also can't help but remember how much the budget collapsed in the first season, and this one is already starting out with insert songs pitching obnoxious music over stills.

Even if it wanted to completely eschew things like an overall plot and character development (which, by the way, it absolutely doesn't going by how the white blood cell won't stop banging on about how much red has changed), there's plenty of room for it to be satirizing different kinds of apocalypse stories or movies. Even if they decided they were going to do nothing but parodies of horror and/or disaster movies, there's enough out there to make multiple entire seasons out of just that formula. But it's only interested in doing Generic Disaster Movie. It's just seemingly not interested in making the effort in the writing on any front. It seems content to stick to its very basic episode template, and it'll slap a few new biological factoids onto each episode, plus one new character design to further bloat the cast each week.

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  • Ark noir says:

    I like this show but I refuse to watch it as I saw that ova dehydration episode. P****I s***t is like a phoenix down and they let you know it. #productplacement.