Back Arrow #04 — Prism Rangers

January 29th, 2021


With the power of giving up really fast.


What the show really needs at this point is some kind of story of the week. For example, Vandread had them encountering new planets or space stations with people it it so that they could tell specific stories. And then it spawned some random thing for them to fight. I bring it up because this show is still obsessed with the various court intrigues of the least interesting and amusing characters in the thing. We have wild west crazies flying a battleship around at random, and instead, we're stuck in the court, listening to bores ramble about the socio-political situation. Why? Oh right, the budget.

The only thing about/with the protagonists this week is that they spawned the show's Power Rangers/Ginyu Force to fight. Why? Because they're there. How? Each one has a themed elemental blaster and the laziest/crappiest special attack splash screens I have seen in a long time. That's it. That's their whole thing. So Arrow goes "I can spawn clones" and instantly defeats all of them with one punch. This was… not a good fight, to say the least. And there were still about seven minutes left in the episode after that point, which meant yet more listening to this long-haired bore ramble to people about his machinations. Again, why? Of all the things in your setting, why is this the thing that you're choosing to focus on?


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