Animal Fun Facts #02 — Worms, Horns, and Squid

January 14th, 2021


It's… certainly another episode.


I think I'm all animal fun fact'd out, and there's three edutainment shows competing for how many random biological facts they can spew out in lieu of writing a story or jokes. That this episode went to the koala thing certainly didn't help, but I think it was the unicorn bit that felt minimal effort. It was almost just a list of "here's the differences between horses and other ungulates." Then, after the whole segment being on why a horn doesn't just randomly work, they slap it on a fish to make a narwhal and it randomly works. Yeah, I get that was part of the joke, but we don't even really have a great idea what the narwhal horn is even for and we're just going to gloss over one of the darlings of the (western) internet? Then again, I've heard all the facts I need to know about narwhals already, and in musical form at that, so maybe it's for the best.

Really though, it's the OP and ED that are probably the straw that broke my back, and yes, that is extremely petty. They're so loud and obnoxious. Starting the episode is an immediate "god why," and ending the episode with a "get me out of this NOW" are really not the feelings you want to be generating to bookend your episodes.


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