2.43 – Seiin Boys Volleyball Team #01 — WHY WON’T HE LOVE ME!?

January 7th, 2021


Talk about thirsty.


I couldn't help but laugh at this show. It spends the first ten minutes with one dude being unbelievably desperate for the other's attention, even while passive aggressively calling him a jerk. They make a big deal about how the volleyball team isn't a thing, nobody cares about it, nobody goes to practice, etc etc. Then one dude shows up, wants to practice, and literally two minutes later, there are like twenty people, all wanting to play as it goes into a training montage where they're volleyball pros. At that point, it swings hard back to goofy soap opera melodrama. Some random thugs stumble into scene with a hard-on for hating volleyball. Not only that, but they're super up to date on the latest highschool volleyball gossip. But wait, they're actually doing it because they're super against bullying. That's right, the one dude bullied his former teammates into suicide, and the thugs are actually fighting bullying!

As a package, I really can't help but laugh at it. It's so corny. And I haven't even gotten to the token also-thirsty-as-hell female character who spends half her lines talking about her underwear. I'm not a fan of either the sports nor the drama side of sports dramas, and this certainly leans in waaaaaaaay hard on the drama side, but everybody and everything is simply far too goofy to take seriously. It's a bad soap opera, and also, there's volleyball.


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