Wandering Witch #10 — Petty Brats

December 4th, 2020


Remember when this show put an iota of effort into the animation?


Well, we had a nice span without one of the super banal friendship-is-magic episodes, but we were due. Like usual, it shows less that friendship is magic, and more that every character is an immature, superficial, obnoxious brat. We flash back to the two witch teachers under the same teacher themselves, being constantly pitted against each other (the teacher is also a brat). But then they take a job to fight the mafia which is using magical artifacts and through the challenge, learn to work together and a friendship blooms that lasts a lifetime.

Except none of that is accurate. It's what the show tells us, but it's all just lies. Perhaps the funniest lie is that the mafia uses magical artifacts. One dude has a gun that he shoots eight times in a corny 4 frame animation put on 5 second loop, but they draw thirty bullets. That's it. And yet pales compared to what they used as the example of how the relic mafia is unbeatable by normal witches. You see, they have magic smoke that creates illusions of monsters, and therefore, when witches both simultaneously try to body tackle the giant monster, they run into each other. What cunning foes. And they don't work together at all. They both have the idea that they'll be captured, taken to the hideout, and every member of the gang will be there… to, uh… intimidate them, I guess? But that's all they needed for FRIENDS FOREVER! To both have a particularly stupid idea one time.


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  • Anonymous says:

    The witch bullying sequence where they break someones wand as height of mean, was 10/10