Villains Drive #11 — Hackerman’s Exposition Corner

December 17th, 2020


I liked the brief aside to the whiny cop wondering if being a genocidal fascist police state might be bad.


Another pretty boring episode, unless you count a zillion nonsense twists interesting at any rate. I hardly want to go through them all, but the core one is that the other city is actually a super computer that everybody else in the world uploaded to, except that Hackerman was too smart for them because… he just is… and hacked the entire system by, uh… being Hackerman. They manage to pull the kids out of it by wanting to do it really hard. That's the entire episode. That twist and Hackerman going "I'm in," but instead of being a corny two word catchphrase, it takes about fifteen minutes.

The best part of all that is that they spend like five minutes saying that you can't just pull the kids out. Then throw up some godawful Tron-era visual effects that look like technicolor barf across the screen, scream about how they're trying extra extra extra hard, and… just pull the kids out. Each one of these two to three minute "try super hard" bits has characters reaching out while jumping in the air, because we're completely devoid of the barest directorial effort. That's probably what explains the technicolor barf too.

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  • gedata says:

    This is the writer of Danganronpa we’re dealing with. As far as outlandish, endgame twists this is nothing for the guy.