Villains Drive #10 — In Transit to Standing Still

December 10th, 2020


So I guess we're just done with the action scenes?


I don't know whether to laugh or be horrified by this episode. Probably the latter, and only partially because of its reflection in certain fascistic elements of current times. We have the police state now upset that the populace has been whipped into a frothing mob based on the propaganda relentlessly being spewed and have now declared all who oppose them as traitors. Meanwhile, those at the top fancy themselves ubermensch in the absolute right, while the elected officials and even the day to day cops are literally sobbing under the pressure. It was like three episodes where we had a literal army of suicidal stormtroopers while being told that all true police are willing to give their lives for murder, and now the supposed elite of the elite are sniveling babies about going out at all.

At the same time, the 'climax' of the episode was as weak as it was nonsensical, and also pretty reflective of the Calvinball attempts at rules lawyering also currently going on. It's the RULE. You can't kill me. Sure, I just murdered dozens of people, including your entire office party guest list, but sorry. The law said it was cool with that once. You obey the law, right? And Lady Cop just sits there, struggling with how to deal with this baffling conflict of morals. And never stops sitting there. Which sums up the real problem with this episode. It's not all the weird fascist stuff, it's that about 14 minutes are spent walking from point A to B (which isn't even itself a destination), and then everybody just stands around staring at each other until someone… wait for it… walks straight up to someone else and sticks a knife in them. Can you be any lazier with the direction, guys?

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