Wandering Witch #09 — Back to the Future

November 27th, 2020


Oh boy, murder porn.


When the content warning came up, I was a little happy that it was a clear sign we weren't getting one of the banal friendship-is-magic episodes. Instead of getting one of the crazy-pants-makes-no-earthly-sense episodes though, we got a weird time travel episode where they go back in time to save a sadistic serial killer, only to discover that she was always a sadistic serial killer. They do some half-assed "well, her family abused her" explanations as to why she totally deserved to be killed, but it was even less convincing than yesterday's gang of rapist pedophile slavers, but if you edited out just ten seconds of the episode, all that justification would have been gone, leaving at least a couple minutes of a lunatic cackling about how much fun stabbing people is. We're supposed to take the word of a cackling lunatic covered in blood for it. And then they milked the absolute hell out of torturing and decapitating her. Legit torture and murder porn here, bulging eyes, severed head, the works.

I also can't help but think back to that earlier episode with this one about where she found the family with the enslaved, abused girl. Here, she's totally happy and willing to travel back in time and change the entire world as a favor for a friend. There, shouldn't have even tried anything, because making people happy makes them suicidal. It's completely in line with this show's writing overall, in that it seems to be authored by a pack of feral hogs. Hell, could've even used that girl as the same as this one to maybe make Elaina rethink her inconsistent world view on not helping people (even as she randomly helps genocidal witches and man-eating plants), but that would be character growth, and we can't have that!


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One Lonely Comment

  • anon ymous says:

    I was actually expecting some more common time travel tropes. Like maybe destiny exists and Selena traveling back in time doesn’t change the end outcome. Or something edgy like “we can’t actually go back to the future” and Elaina somehow escapes through plot convenience. But instead we get this weird shitshow where you’re supposed to take some kid’s word that she was abused, so it’s a-ok to kill them. It’d be way more belieable if they made it so she was always a crazy murdering lunatic, without needing to be diddled. Guess the author just wanted some loli ryona.