Wandering Witch #08 — Detective Elaina is Not On the Case

November 20th, 2020


Why do I feel like this would have been better framed with BDSM props?


After the other two shows this week had particularly boring/bad episodes, I found myself really hoping that this would go for another one of its… how to put it… absolutely bat-crap insane societal observation episodes rather than one of the banal friendship-is-magic ones. Unfortunately, it wasn't really either. It was certainly more on the bat-crap insane side, but mostly because the characters still don't have a braincell to split between them. She rolls into a town literally infested with clearly dolls infesting literally every nook and cranny, a supposed serial killer on the loose, and a cackling mad woman at a cursed shop distributing the dolls for free.

If you've pieced together the key parts of this mystery, then you're well ahead of its deductive explanations that A.) The dolls have something to do with what's going on, and B.) The dolls are cursed. But wait, it not only can get stupider, it does. It turns out there is no serial killer at all. The dolls are stealing people's hair, because what people are actually obsessed with is hair. Everyone. Even the bald men. Not like, having hair, but that women's hair must be protected and loved, because a woman with short hair is incapable of happiness. And the crazy woman's master plan is that she magically steals hair so she can auction it off on dolls, and then donate the money, because she wants to see people in the depths of despair and the height of happiness. So… she went the route of haircuts and donations. Yes. The greatest despair in the world is getting a haircut, and the greatest happiness is being given money. But at least Elaina didn't genocide any civilizations this week.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Fede says:

    the culprit only cut hair and when the people who did so much worse things but never got locked up. what the hell???

  • Ark noir says:

    Did she just put that cut hair back in her head.,…..unwashed?

  • Anonymous says:

    when you want to go to a yami oouktion but mom says that you have a yami oouktion at home.