Wandering Witch #07 — Walls and Wine

November 13th, 2020


How much lead paint do these writers eat?


Another two-segment episode, and like both of the previous ones, is one of the more fascinating episodes because it reveals the writers as being stark raving mad. The first segment has a kingdom with a random giant wall in the middle of it for no good reason. As far as social commentary goes, it ain't subtle. So Elaina's mother suggests that both sides carve things they're happy about into it. If you think you can see where this is going, you're absolutely wrong. They carve things they're happy about into it, but then it turns out that everything they're happy about is actually a future regret. Not just that, but everybody is petty and spiteful about their regrets so they all converge on the wall and angrily tear it down, thus proving that their hatred of themselves is superior to their hatred of the people on the other side of the wall. Words fail me.

Then, for the second half, Elaina finds a village of foot fetishists and gets into a fight with the local poster girl who calls her a whiny child. She then proceeds to beat up the entire village over false marketing, thus proving to them that they need an annual festival of violence to relieve stress. That's right, we somehow went from foot fetishism to beginning he Purge via calling an insecure teenage brat flat-chested. Like I said, the writers are stark raving mad. But at least she didn't murder an entire kingdom this time and tell a slave to be suck it up. We're moving forward! Thanks for the laughs, you ridiculous nonsense.

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  • Fede says:

    Nike is the Elaina mother? The thing with the wall happened 10 years ago. Elaina is 18. That means she was 8 when the witch wrote on the wall. It’s likely that her mother would be traveling around the world while leaving her 8 year old and husband behind?