Villains Drive #07 — The “What a Twist” Episode

November 19th, 2020


Is it really a twist if it doesn't make any sense in any context?


This episode had totally lost me long before it got to what was ostensibly the good part of stabbings and gougings. It begins with the next destination literally rising out of the ground in front of them, continuing how they're pretty much just teleporting from one spot to the next. It goes from there right into how they're supposedly fleeing to the moon because they're the product of a secret government experiment to create superhumans, and they somehow owe it to all the culled kids to… uh… be immortal psychic moon people? If that sentence seems confusing, then maybe imagine it was instead an eight minute flashback.

And so we get to five minutes left in the episode and something finally… finally happens. Dr. Lady betrays them and… then they spend the next couple minutes restating everything from the first fifteen minutes of the episode. I'm not kidding either. Kid yells that he has to go to the moon. Dr. Lady repeats that she betrayed them. But wait, the moon isn't real! But wait wait, they're going to the moon anyway! But wait, wait, wait, the kid just doesn't get on the rocket because… uh… I guess he really wants to sacrifice himself? All the other members of the Suicide Squad are just standing around literally executing the army of people who ambushed them, so I'm not even sure what the rush was. 

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