Villains Drive #05 — Talk About It

November 6th, 2020


Ah, the mid-season doldrums.

Sorry this is a day late. Some real life stuff had me extremely busy yesterday afternoon (administrative drama, nothing serious, and expected, though expected it would eat up an hour, not like four) and my brain was toast by the time it finally got wrapped up.


But this was a super duper horrible garbage episode anyway. I mean, the screenshots should make that pretty clear, but I also don't think they get across how frustrating all the talking heads were. The entire episode was a series of conversations where someone would be about to explain something but then be interrupted. Or someone would demand an answer to something, and then someone would butt in and say "you're being a meanie." Every one of these was matched by reiterating the current situation. They also spare no words when it comes to explaining the nano-mechanics of a random magic box of food, rather than just, you know, stumbling over a crate of food, or not even discussing eating at all or going right to the next part of this heist rather than a time-out episode.

Also, I guess they just teleported from the train in a death field surrounded by a magic barrier to a wasteland somewhere while leaving the hacker guy around to… uh… face the challenge? What challenge is this, still not even really sure. On the cop side, they also spent a long time whinging on about how now they're taking it super duper seriously and going to double extra mega serious mode. It's all very silly at best, but the dramatic music and dudes angrily glaring at their failure aren't exactly on the same page. It also doesn't mean jack. Oh, when you invaded a hotel with a literal army and weapons of mass destruction, that was only kinda serious? OooooooOOoooOOOooohhhh. 

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