Our Last Crusade #08 — Lounge Lizards

November 25th, 2020


Couldn't their tryst at least have gone somewhere if it was going to eat up three goddamned episodes?


I get the feeling that nobody is really watching this, and I really don't blame them. In a stronger season, I would have abandoned ship at least an arc ago. This complaining is my way of getting into "another tremendously boring and uneventful episode that I'm struggling to say anything about because it attempted nothing and didn't even have the grace to fail in an interesting way." At least the other two shows this season seem to be written by people with actual worms in their brains. This one seems to be struggling to have the writers even show up to turn in a script.

Anyway, another episode where people basically didn't leave their rooms. Dude spent the entire thing being fawned over again before essentially just walking out and right into the arms of his friends. His friends were supposedly on some infiltration mission where they encountered literally one squad of guards and easily wiped them all out. Then we finally get to what is apparently the boss of this arc, Lounging Dude. He proceeds to kick the maid around… by lounging, thus setting up the real fight next week. How I miss the emphasis on story, cohesion, and action of such things like *checks notes* Assassin's Pride or Gleipnir. I can only hope the other two shows this week at least continue to be bat-crap crazy pants. 


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • kenuran says:

    Hey now I’m also watching this. I pretty much just watch this show as a straight line romance with the whole war thing hanging around as a lame backdrop to try to pretend theres supposed to be a Romeo and Juliet thing going on when its really just a setting for the two leads to work together against whatever rampant force that no one on any side is supposed to like.

    The war thing really holds the show back with its lack of muddiness. You never see either side actually fighting each unless the leads are present. The leads never kill anyone to make sure their objections and motivations about the war never really get challenged. The actual bad guys are always shown to objectively evil as that one chick that was locked away wanted to destroy everything, the stealth guy is willing to let his own troops die just to get one over on the enemy, and this lounging guy only cares about gaining power for himself.

    Also Mismis is one the most useless characters I’ve ever seen.

  • Ark noir says:

    Im (hate) watching this.

    It’s the nonsensical romance angle that gets me.it takes up more time than the non-war I made a mistake in thinking the blondie was mature.she spends more time thinking about mc than her duties. Poor lad doesn’t know what to do when she turns up all the time where he is, babbles about fighting him one minute then go on a date then abucted him then gets nekkid, fake Outrage (2020) and lets him go. No wonder he’s greying early. Bet his time in the slammer and dealing with that child-woman captain and child-child team mate was easier than blondie.

    The maid and MC’s male teammate I feel for as well. Having to deal with the wims of ice blondie and child woman whilst actually do something regarding their bloody jobs. Maids cdiss-no-justu for golem summon and general disdain for not-f/n gligamesh was good though.

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