Our Last Crusade #07 — Bottle Episode(s)

November 18th, 2020


So, we're just killing time here until the season's over clearly.


Another tedious filler episode, although philosophically speaking, if they're essentially all filler episodes, are any filler episodes? They don't even do anything with the shacking up, chaining people together, or anything. I have watched hour long shows based on the gimmick of chaining two people together and then forcing them to deal with some problem, usually being chased. There is an entire slew of cliche gags just around that gimmick. This couldn't even muster up that. But the real telling thing that this episode was absolutely nothing was that literally the very last thing that came up, the cheesecake shot of the beefcake dude? That was the next episode tease from last week. They used the tease for episode 8 as a tease for episode 7. And it's not even a good tease!

Next Episode:

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