Our Last Crusade #06 — Back to the Resort

November 11th, 2020


Let's overanimate some more crying.


Another very uneventful episode that they tried to spice up by maximizing the melodrama over the blue one apparently catching witchiness in the previous episode. If we're going to max out the melodrama though, let's go full throttle. Have him sleep with the infantile ponytail one. Actually stab somebody instead of just threatening to do it. But that would involve some effort, and why put in effort when we can have yet another episode of both sides waffling over going back to the same resort town yet again? Meanwhile, in the neutral resort town, we have people literally exploding with magic, and literal royalty kidnapping people in broad daylight. These things are ostensibly totally top secret life or death things. She's been a witch for like, 12 hours, and is already shooting lasers in the middle of a crowded city in her first fit of pique.

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