Last Crusade #05 — Lazy Villain Week

November 4th, 2020


I liked the one-handed assault rifle, half-assed shot at a vehicle as an attempt to stop it.


I needed some levity today, and this provided it in spades. Not intentionally. No, of course not. By the direction of most scenes being comically awful. What happened to you Oonuma Shin? You used to be a pretty solid director, particularly for action scenes. Now you've got people spontaneously falling over or using their spider senses (and announcing it) to dodge the same, and raving lunatic shrieking in incoherent rage that their opponent would dare block an attack. Not disbelief that they could. Indignant, sputtering tantrum at the audacity for not immediately falling over.  

Meanwhile, we have opera rejects running around and hand-holding stops the magical hole from… uh… being a macguffin, I suppose. I'm still not entirely sure what any of that was about. This entire arc was about 25 minutes long in total, and at least 5 minutes was that one girl cackling about how she was secretly evil after her whole one scene of hiding it, and another two or three minutes of people explaining their abilities to each other. Not really sure where the story or character development was even supposed to be here. Just an almost literal holding pattern two episodes where one of them was unabashedly 15 minutes of pure filler.

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  • Anonymous says:

    have not seen it yet but they fought off the goddess of one of their factions in ep 2 or 3 so what danger could they even be in?