Villains Drive #03 — The Great Train Robbery Followup Meetings

October 22nd, 2020


I can't wait for the post-mortem.


This show continues to spin its wheels after arguably the strongest first episode of the season. After an episode almost entirely spent briefing about the next heist before being mercifully interrupted by an action scene, we get an episode where they don't get interrupted from the briefing. Come on, guys. I like heist stuff. I like high octane action shows. But here we have five minutes spent literally in briefing rooms, looking at blueprints, schematics, and discussing guard rotations, then cut to another infomercial aside featuring puppets. Yes, you did spend the last half of the episode technically on the heist, but everything went according to plan with no real hitches or unexpected events, which got us… basically in the front door, I guess.

They tried to dramatic it up by suddenly introducing a ticking clock and going "Oh no, a sudden ticking clock! Someone better flip this switch or something bad could happen!" If this was a video game, it would have been so trasparently fabricated and corny that I probably would have sit there and waited for time to run out just to see if they bothered to actually put in something or just cut to a game over screen. In any case, there's some grunting, the switch is pulled, and then, perhaps next week, after two weeks of briefings and setups, we might finally… finally actually begin the heist to… uh… do something or other? Uh, yeah. Leverage, it ain't.

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