Villains Drive #02 — The Great Train Robbery Meetings

October 15th, 2020


Now that the crew is together, it's time to hurry up and discuss it.


This fell off a cliff pretty fast. It declares that their first job is going to be robbing a bullet train, and then spends the next fifteen minutes in meetings and explaining the setting. Not even subtly. There's an approximately 90 second puppet show infomercial smack in the middle of the episode. Who is this for? Why should we care? Can't we just have crazy future loonies doing Suicide Squad stuff? No? We have to blather about inconsequential crap and throw around random numbers so they can go "zowie, that's a big number!" Fantastic.

Things do admittedly pick up a lot at the end when the supercops burst in to have a quite literally random action scene, but it's also hard to take that too seriously when it begins with them striking poses and one of them is hopping around in a frilly skirt, not to mention that they're still way too enamored with the already obnoxious jokes about the normie girl being in over her head. It was, however, a good scene for establishing that the other side does have some competent people without doing the usual anime thing where the opponents are just straight up invulnerable. But it was still only three minutes of an otherwise very dull episode where the story was in no hurry to go anywhere or do anything.


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One Lonely Comment

  • residentgrigo says:

    Nothing happened in the end and its now quite clear that there is no show behind all the fading style. I´ll give up if the first half of ep 3 cotinues like this. 5/10