The Half-Demon Princesses #01 — Inuyasha Filler Episode

October 3rd, 2020


How exciting.


What a dumb episode. I would say weird, but I know exactly why it existed. Actually, I can't even say for certain that they didn't just take some random episode from the original series and cut out a couple minutes to fit in the exceedingly brief start and finish bits about the 'new' characters. Is the show even going to focus on them? Sure doesn't seem like it. Sure seems like they just wanted to make more Inuyasha and the whole thing about this being focused on new characters in that setting was a lie. Cause if I haven't made it clear enough, if you cut out the first 30 seconds, the last 30 seconds, and the OP/ED, this was quite literally just some random Inuyasha filler episode where they fight a plant monster who's menacing some random villagers.

And that's probably all they really wanted. "Hey, look! It's more Inuyasha! See, it's still COMPLETELY GODDAMNED INUYASHA! It has not changed in any way whatsoever!" Not a bigger budget. Not suddenly going balls out with the action choreography. Not taking a turn for the serious, or comedic for that matter. Just… another fluff episode of Inuyasha. But who is this for? We're doing the actual origin story next week, so what the hell was this? The prequel to the origin story for the characters that we're kicking to the curb? My only slight hope through the episode was that it was leading towards Something Bad™ happening to the main cast in kind of a PG Ga-rei way, which is why we were focusing so hard on them and running like scared deer from our supposedly cool new heroines. Hell, would give them a damn quest to go do as well. But no. Its hook was… "Check out this filler Inuyasha episode. Stay tuned for… more of that!"


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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • kenuran says:

    The Inuyasha part of the episode is actually just an adaptation of the epilogue chapter of the manga. That could have just been released as its own separate thing to be aired as a TV special. Everything before and after the “flashback” was just there to fill time for episode slot. No point to it at all.

  • residentgrigo says:

    Honestly unbelievable what can count as a pilot with anime…

    FMA Brotherhood is overall great but it´s non-pilot was a total misstep. Yet Bones knew that they could air whatever and still get everyone to tune in. The same idea was also had by this team but the core IP is rubbish and this hopefully reminded everyone of that. Still fitting that Inuyasha V3 is so upfront about having no story. Again. See you never.

  • The Phantom says:

    This is just a cash in based on the other POS that did the same, expect Ranma with their kids as well once this is over, more cash in for sure. I detest the other show much more but will not watch this either.

  • residentgrigo says:

    Ranma still has to adapt the manga´s final arc that is a bunch of nothing as expected. There might be a rights issue or something. Don´t hold your breath. They will do more Lum if anyhing.

    Not a Takahashi fan, like at all but Maison Ikkoku starts and ends allright. The middle is terrible. S1 of Ranma is also fun enough.

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