The Day I Became a God #02 — Referential

October 17th, 2020


So much for the weekend shows.


I'm not sure what I wanted to see from this, or how I hoped it might claw itself away from the brink. Possibly the very slim hope that they'd kill off one or more of the protagonists. Instead, and far more expectedly, we got virtually the same episode as the first one, but with a couple movie references. Everybody was still the same tantruming, shrieky, horrible children. Dude was still a total doormat. I guess there's also a hyperactive horny sister to objectify too, with her own obnoxious 'cutesy' speech tic. Because of course she does.

And speaking of objects, goddamn, is the love interest such a nothing of a character. The big thing that sends them into a montage and then a trip into the pastel lighting and misty bubble dimension is basically "Well, why don't you show an interest in what she's interested in." This is the bare minimum starting off point, not the goddamned climax! You are trying to build up the absolute minimum! If you were trying to write characters growing and developing, this would probably be where the dude realizes that he only has a crush on her for superficial reasons and really doesn't know jack about her.

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