Sorcery Fight #04 — Random Encounter

October 23rd, 2020


When even "monster of the week" is too much effort for the writers.


It was a tossup between Sorcery Fight and Wandering Witch for Fridays. I'll get to the latter in a post in a bit, but this is just kind of boring me, which is a little weird since it was ostensibly one long action scene, but it's not being particularly impressive on the directorial/choreography front, so what we're getting is a lot of grunting, explosions, and post-hoc exposition. There's no story for the monster of the week, not even to the level of Garo or Dororo. It literally begins with them being told "Hey, here's a random encounter. Go, uh, fight it." And then they kind of fight it, I guess. That's the whole story and all the dramatic elements of the entire episode.

Even then, it blows its stakes pretty early by ripping an arm off. Since we know that's not going to actual be serious, everything after that isn't much higher than torture porn. And then he re-taps into The Darkness Within, in the same way that we already saw before, but I guess this monster is somewhat different? It just feels like I've already seen this episode, not just in a bazillion other Jump shows, but from this very show itself, only a couple weeks ago.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I mean wut? The egg did not seem to have anything to do with anything. The dead teen in juvenile detention seemed like someone in their late 20s ( There was no thematic through line with the curses (I guess that can be said about all of the, manikin did turn into some munchkin in the previous ep and the hotel seemed to have 2 curses, why 2, who knows but destroying them unhaunted the whole building)

    Now you might first think every curse here is a projection of the egg and the egg is the main body. The egg might have hatch off screen, I dont know. What I do know is that not once was a skuna’s finger mentioned but suddenly out of nowhere the curse drops it as loot.

    This whole show feels like those Chinese shows that get dubbed into Japanese.

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