Sorcery Fight #03 — Mostly Screaming

October 16th, 2020


That's enough anime for the day.


This was a pretty godawful episode too, but all the supposed action shows for Friday have apparently seen their budgets collapse into virtually nothing, although both Million Lives and King's Raid were pretty close to that to begin with so didn't have very far to fall. This had the closest thing to an action scene, so I guess it gets the screencaps. 

I highly doubt I'll be continuing with it any further though because it was a very very Jump episode, if you catch my drift. The new girl overreacts and screams constantly, and most of the supposed (I keep using that word, don't I?) ghost hunt was spent outside the building, listening to one dude tell another bored dude that our baseline is actually totally different and super high compared to… uh… some other standard… somewhere. In what way? Well, these monsters are just, uh… different? They're smarter! Like they take hostages! You wouldn't see that in, uh… a Kentucky monster! Nobody even did anything particularly ingenious or surprising, unless you count tackling a wall surprising. They walked right up to the monster, got surprised when the monster grabbed some random kid, and then killed it.

Then, apropos of absolutely nothing, her backstory and flashbacks gets spewed out for the last third or so of the episode. And you know how I love flashbacks spewed out of absolutely nowhere for no reason. It followed it up with more screaming. Just warming me up for a second attempt at that PA Works show over the weeked, probably.


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