Sorcery Fight #02 — Improper Food Handling

October 9th, 2020


Please don't eat body parts.


May as well finish the double bill thing for the day with Sorcery Fight and King's Raid, but honestly, I'm not all that eager to watch another episode of any of the Friday shows so far. This is easily the most slickly produced, but it's the kind of action where they added a billion frames but the choreography itself is super lazy. The 'fight' at the start was one dude flailing while another just vanished without moving and reappeared elsewhere. Which is also how the later 'training' scene went. The rest of the episode was one long infodump. I can get absolutely get into corny action monster-of-the-week stuff like Garo, but there was no real plot to this episode. It was at best, a training episode of dudes standing around waiting for the protagonist to go from declaring "I care about, you know, stuff in general" to "I care about, I don't know, I guess me and stuff?" There was no furtherance of anything past that. Just a bunch of dry factoids spewed out.

Which still puts it above King's Raid, which did… well, broadly speaking a lot of the same. Its action scene was much longer, but also a lot less animated, and a lot worse animated. They sparred with some skeletons, then the dark elves popped in to spar with the evil mage lady, then everybody flew up to a literal castle in the sky to explain the situation in general, along with yet more side visits to random bourgeoisie to pontificate on nothing interesting. The protagonist and his girlfriend were vestigial to the entire process and the story, such little story that there even is.

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