Sorcery Fight #01 — Contains Minimal Sorcery

October 2nd, 2020


It's certainly a Jump affair.

I think just Hypnosis Mic (which appears to be MIA) and King's Raid left for today… I think.


Can't have a dude with glasses without a closeup of him pushing them against his nose. Can't have a female without sexualizing it and groping it. Can't have a male lead without him making particularly banal declarations like "dying is sad." Mappa's animation doesn't really bring much to the table when they're focusing on over-animating groping, running down hallways, or shouting particularly dramatically. It's weird. They're in the middle of a supposed action scene, dude is being crushed by some kind of Cronenberg monster, and the animation budget is going instead into the guy twenty feet away dramatically swinging his arms around while shouting. I'm not even sure how the big ol' monster attacks. It grabbed the dude, then we cut to the outside of the building where it shows lights flashing, and then he explodes out of a wall. At this point, there are zero more energy blasts whatsoever. No idea how it was killed either for that matter since we ascribe to the usual Jump "dude stands there and poses while the enemy evaporates" school of cool.

I'm probably coming off a bit more negative than I actually feel since I think I'll likely at least glance at one more episode, and I suspect I'll have more appreciation for it after King's Raid later today when it provides a point of comparison. It was just so incredibly generic and without any twists or surprises though that I feel like I've seen this exact episode at least a hundred times before, in everything from Noragami to Tokyo Ravens to Tokyo Ghoul, and the list continues on and on. It doesn't bring anything new or different to the table, nor is it all that stylish or bombastic, and apparently doesn't have it in itself to go for the shock value with blood, guts, and gore either. Weirdly, that kind of makes the over-animated monster fondling almost feel like it stands out all the more despite being only a few seconds of the episode. I'm just not sure what else there is of here to really note or call out though. 


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