Our Last Crusade #03 — Pointing Out Its Own Plot Holes

October 21st, 2020


Odd strategy for script writing.


All the action shows this season crapped the bed pretty hard in their second episodes, so I'm floundering a bit with what to do with the season. This was a pretty poor showing on every level though. About the first 15 minutes of the episode was spent entirely on pointing out and reviewing how little sense the entire setting makes; reminding us that these are two extremist, genocidal empires who have nonetheless somehow come together and are able to respect each other's differences and tolerate one another in some random city. And it trickles down to the characters too. "I am prepared to do anything for my goals! Even treason!" Except, of course, violating a neutrality treaty apparently.

And then, we finally… finally get the third party true evil who is the trigger for them to come together. Not some extra-extremist terrorist cell, or someone taking the orders too far. Quite literally a super-duper genocidal witch who spawns out of literally nowhere and pretty much just hovers in the air as she tells them over and over that extremism and genocide are the only acceptable path. Meanwhile, random magic effects just sort of happen. We haven't even actually seen any of this horrible oppression, just been told that it happened at some point. Is it actually that bad if they've got their own empire and a city where both side can live in harmony? Even the damn war seems pretty cordial. I mean, one side does have people who teleport onto a hill and immediately begin throwing explosions everywhere out of pure spite, and that's the supposedly persecuted side. 

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  • Anonymous says:

    this show is full of nonsense but it not like it ever tried to hide that or in any way attempted to deceived me.

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